Tastes Like Chicken

Tastes like chickem

Placement: On sidewalks, mostly in mainstream areas like on Green Street.


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Graffiti: Does it have a purpose? Meaning?

Note: I will add the images as soon as I can. For now, just nod and pretend you know what I’m talking about.

Graffiti is probably most recognizable as spray paint on walls or trains. It is not really supposed to be there in that public space, but there it is. Of course, it is easy to add other kinds of graffiti to our mental definition. Most easily added is probably bathroom graffiti. It’s a public place (granted, it’s audience is separated by gender) and it really should not be there. I would like to take a moment to briefly talk about both types I have encountered.

First, the default assumption of graffiti, the spray paint kind. There is a fair amount of it along Green Street and the roads branching from it. I imagine the most noticed are the two along the north side of Green: the penguin and the panda with the leaf (weed?) eye. My personal favorite is not quite as obvious. There is on the side of a roof along sixth is a line of the word “Paradox” painted in a set of six. I am at a loss regarding its meaning if it has one. There is a simplicity to it I simply enjoy. It may be a tag, but in that case it would only mean anything to those who know who “Paradox” is.

Second, let us look at bathroom graffiti. In our last class, we discussed how it was occasionally used as a medium for anonymous communication. That is very true (at least in a girl’s bathroom). There is also the marking of the stalls for the sake of something to do as awkward as that sounds. In the Krannert Art building, the walls of the girls bathrooms were covered in paint, marker, charcoal, and various other art media. Again, the meaning and purpose is very subjective and would likely mean very little to those without prior knowledge of the person or subject (such as a chunk of writing in binary). Unless there is an obvious message for all, I doubt the meaning of someone’s graffiti goes far beyond that person.


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Banksy Awesomeness


While studying graffiti, we’ve come to look at the artist Banksy. I’m not an expert in graffiti or Banksy’s works, but I can extrapolate meaning for myself from his works (whether or not that meaning is accurate or goes very deep thought-wise is questionable).

The following written analysis is a joint effort between myself and Yoon Ji Hong creator of the blog YOONJI WORLDWIDE.



Here I image the text “Thug for Life” was already painted on the wall serving as inspiration for the doddery, old men. As “for life” implies, these characters display thug-like stereotypes. The contrast of their age and the more contemporary idea of “thug life” is humorous.


No ball games? Okay. Play with the sign. I feel like this ironic image is actually fairly accurate in showing a child’s mind. Kids, even with unfair restrictions, still manage to have fun or get into mischief. Whether this is anywhere close to what the intended message of the image was suppose to be, that is the message I see.


Many of Banksy’s art pieces speak to people with important messages. In this one, a little girl is soldier’s body. However, this usually doesn’t happen in reality. I think this picture is a satire of  criticizing the authority with its way of using power in general. In society, the authority sometimes uses its power to force people in an unfair manner. I think Banksy was trying to tell people about this issue through painting this art in a public place where a lot of people can see it.


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Waking Up

Nearly one thousand years after the end of humanity as we know it, you wake in a frighteningly different world.

Computer Voice One: Michael Vilim

Computer Voice Two: Charissa Stone (myself)

Fellow survivor a.k.a. Raphael Tate: Michael Adams

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A Familiar Story Told Differently

It’s really odd to hear my voice. That is probably the first thing I noticed while making this podcast. Storywise, I tell it completely differently than when I write it down. Probably the greatest advantage of the post-recording edit portion of making a podcast is getting rid of the majority of the “ums.”

It was fun. I may just do it again.

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Sound Use of Sound

The podcast discussed below is linked here.

I have mentioned in a previous post my near obsessive spectatorship of the show Once Upon a Time. Love for the show, love for the writing, and love for the cast (in a totally not weird way, I assure you). So, naturally, I follow the actors on Twitter to catch updates on the production of the show. As my favorite character is Dr. Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket, it should not come as a surprise when I say I was excited to find a podcast with a recent interview of Raphael Sbarge.

I found the podcast – titled ONCE after the show – via twitter link and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of it. I am not sure what I had expected, but those who conducted the interview did a great job for the kind of podcast it was.

Pressing play, the very first thing you hear is Raphael Sbarge introducing himself and the ONCE podcast. If that alone does not put a smile on a fan’s face, the near magical very “once upon a time”-esque title music will. The music fades away and three interviewers, Daniel, Jeremy, and Jenny, express their excitement at having the recorded interview with Raphael Sbarge. They note the many questions asked and answered during the interview are below the podcast link on their page and start the recording.

The interview and remaining podcast is mainly vocal, the music is used as transition in and out of the interview and at the very end of the podcast. While this does not use all of the affordances of sound and sound media, I feel it is affective for this kind of podcast. An interview is best when the audience can clearly hear the questions and answers without too much interruption. Occasionally, sound effects can be used in interview type podcasts, though generally those are more casual interviews. As for their voices and the sound balance, I found it was well balanced and easy to understand (when I wasn’t giggling like a 12 year-old fangirl, good lord).

Overall, I think it was successful while being minimalistic with the affordance of sound. It really didn’t need too much extra.

(Okay, guilty admission: I totally giggled like a mad woman when Sbarge quoted Archie saying “I will always do my best.” Favorite scene EVER. I am a shameless fangirl.)

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The Power of Words (& Font)

Assignment 1: Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 12.12.45 AM


Assignment 2:

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 12.36.16 AM


Okay, for this one, can you guess which each font/logo is for? Give it a second before scrolling down any further.


Got it yet?



Are you sure?






I guess that’s enough thinking.

The first one is supposed to be for an Old Fashion Bookstore or Publishing Company. It’s meant to look like older writing styles. (Though I can see how it could also look like an old pub name.)

The second is for a brand of fruit juice. What was funny about this font is that I thought it fit really well with the fruit aspect. Too well. I soon realized that it’s the same font used for the Mott’s brand fruit products. If that isn’t successful advertising, I don’t know what is.

The third is a Men and Women’s Formal Attire store chain. Again, I think it looks too perfect, but I can’t tell if I’ve seen that font used for a clothing store before or I’m just hallucinating.

The forth kind of bled over from the third. It’s a Kids’ Clothing and Toys store. I suppose the “for kids” idea gets across pretty easy through the font.

The fifth is actually for a Home Décor Magazine. It just seems to fit.

Well, that was fun.

– Until next time.

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“Close Reading” a.k.a. My Unhealthy Obsessions

I like to consider myself a detail person. I do not mean I am necessarily neat or organized (as much as I would love to be more organized); I am just good at noticing details. Most of the time, I casually notice things: the way the wind brushes through the leaves in the trees, how light can reflect off of my hand and brighten a small shadow, or the way people use their hands differently depending on their emotions. I have even been known to pass a patch of clovers, turn, and pick the four-leaf clover I saw out of the corner of my eye.

When I become obsessed with something, I look for details on a whole different level. Usually, my obsessions focus on the settings of films or television shows. I will, much to my wallet’s dismay, watch a movie in theaters three, four, five times just to look at everything once. Why? Because the settings in fictional film are put together with a purpose for everything in mind. The objects on a table in a single scene speak volumes about the personality of the characters.

Fairly recently, I got into the show Once Upon a Time. The idea was great, the characters and plot well written, and I finished the first season over a long weekend. If that wasn’t enough, I became fascinated with the character Archibald Hopper/Jiminy Cricket. I don’t know if it was the beautiful work of the writers, the amazing acting of Raphael Sbarge (who also did a great job as the voice of Kaidan Alenko in Mass Effect), or both that made the character so sincere. I wanted to understand this character beyond what the plot and dialogue offered. I began really looking at his office setting. Taking and saving screenshots from Netflix, I took notes on what I observed.

At first, I was simply working out the space and where things were placed.
Archie's Office 1
Archie's Office 2
Archie's Office Lamps
Then I started to see how this character’s personality affected the space or rather how the space was meant to inform the viewers about the character. Archie Hopper is a book hoarder, clarinet player, and a collector of umbrellas, plants, and model boats.
Archie's Office 3
Screen shot 2012-10-04 at 1.22.28 PMsmaller
Screen shot 2012-10-07 at 1.40.49 PMsmaller
While that should have been enough, I noticed the view from his office window and decided to tackle the added challenge of locating Dr. Hopper’s office on the main street where most of the Storybrooke scenes were filmed (which is funny to use that phrase as I later found out his office is on the corner of Second and Main).
Screen shot 2012-10-04 at 1.22.44 PMsmaller
Screen shot 2012-10-04 at 1.42.06 PMsmaller
Screen shot 2012-10-04 at 1.36.16 PMsmaller
The screenshots allowed me to create a mental image of his office and its relation to the street and other filmed locations such as “Granny’s Diner.” This mental image was then confirmed by an article on the town where the show was filmed and Google Maps.
That is the sort of thing in which I can get invested. It is a puzzle that requires me to find all of the pieces before I can put them together. Is it weird? Am I an odd person for getting so wrapped up in it? Maybe so, but I enjoy it and it’s what I’m good at.
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Jumping off Cliffs and Other Impulsive Decisions

Overly Cautious. That’s what my mother called me when I was learning to drive. Every little decision had to be carefully considered and usually made us five minutes late for everything. And yes, that’s how I approach most decisions.

The only times I don’t follow that line of thinking is when I am suddenly confronted with something I would never expect myself to do. Such as getting my ears double pierced. Never thought I would do it. Did I have them double pierced? Heck yes! I got the idea in my head and, since it wouldn’t go away, I did it.


Maybe it’s not the best policy, but it certainly makes life more spontaneous.

At this point, you are probably wondering “okay, that covers the other impulsive decisions part of the title, but what about the jumping off cliffs part?” I’m getting to that. Here’s some horses. Hold them.


In the year of – oh – 2009, my family and I went to a little island called Curaçao in the southern Caribbean. It’s a lovely place that requires one to think like a local if any fun is to be had. Near the end of this particular visit, we stopped to have a couple sodas at a cliff side restaurant. The restaurant literally sat on the edge of the cliff face and was known as one of the best cliff jumping locations in Curaçao. Naturally, my younger brother, Jacob, and my Dad wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

I see them jump and fall the same 30-some foot drop to the water below almost a half a dozen times. All I can think is: image

Of course, I’m not going to jump. I have a fear of heights, especially when the height is very rapidly decreasing. And then came that little whisper, the tiny temptation. I was terrified and it was wonderful. I had to have more. I had to jump.

The adrenaline junkie half of me: “Alright! Let’s do this!”

The still sane part of my brain:


I pass my coke to my Mom, hop the wall to the platform, and join the few people waiting to take the leap. At this point, Jacob has a camera out and starts recording (no doubt ready to collect some blackmail fodder). My Dad jumps before me and waits at the bottom.

At this point, I’m praying up and down that I don’t die in a bellyflop related accident. I take a deep breath and before I can back down I take three running steps and jump as far as I can.

This is how I thought the jump would pan out:

How it actually went:


It’s safe to say that I landed in the water wrong. My legs went completely numb except for my skin which felt like it was on fire. My heart was in my throat and my sinuses were cleared out. My thigh was so bruised I couldn’t sit for days!

It was AWESOME! I have no interest in doing it again, but I’m glad I did it. And I learned two great lessons that day: 1.) Never decide not to do something just because you are afraid. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life. 2.) Jump off a cliff every once in a while. It’ll make for a good story.


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Home is Where Your Inside Jokes are Understood

So, this is a blog. It’s got a Home and About page, a nice background, and it’s brand-spanking-new. It may have more pages some day.

Let me go ahead and explain why I call it “Running on Clovers: An Introvert’s Grand Adventure.” I consider myself to be fairly introverted and prefer simple pleasures over crowded get-togethers with loud noises. Taking a walk – or even running on clovers – and watching a couple episodes of Adventure Time, ONCE, or Doctor Who makes for a great day. The whole idea of having a blog, granted it’s for a class, is a bit outside the norm for me. This is my adventure, stepping out into the virtual world. I hope that made some sense.

Thanks for checking this place out!

Here’s a picture I took of a clover flower. Enjoy.

Clover Flower

– Charissa Stone

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